Hi, I'm Jonelle!
I'm a creative, my dreams are big, and I swing back and forth between an ENTP and ENFP.
I enjoy exploring new places, playing Mario Kart with my son, and eating Breyers peanut butter chocolate ice cream. I love music and enjoy teaching piano lessons.

I LOVE meeting people.
I'm the kind of person who makes friends while sitting on the retaining wall
outside of Kohls waiting for the doors to open for Black Friday shopping.

↑ (yes, of course that really happened) ↑

What am I after?
I really want every one of my clients to have a fun, amazing experience
and gain a compilation of images that they feel AWESOME about.

I want my families to relax and have fun together.
I want my seniors to feel like they can conquer the world.
I want the playful side of my toddlers to be seen.
I want to see "real" smiles and natural expressions - not the "cheese" smile.
You know what I'm talking about!
I look forward to working with you and your family to show off how beautiful you are!
Please contact me when you're ready to book as session!
  Want to stay in touch
Keep up with my session happenings and some inspiration mixed in!
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